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Learn how to make you own personal care products. For yourself, for your family or maybe to start your own personal care business. Learn how to make bath bombs, lotion, soaps, and many more items belonging to the personal care industry. We are working on a schedule for classes now. If you want to schedule a class right away, we do one on one classes. If you are interested please contact us letting us know what type of class and when you would like to take it and we will get back to you with prices and times open. Contact us at

Bath Bombs
Healing Salves Lip Care Treatment (lip mask/scrub and lip balm)
Hand Care Treatment (minute manicure, cuticle balm, whipped butter) (Great for Mothers day)
Foot Care Treatment (foot soak, lotion bar, foot powder, herbal foot tea soak) (Great for Fathers day)
Muscle rubs and lotion bars
Sugar/Salt Emulsifying Scrub
Solid Perfumes and Spray Perfumes
Butter Whips
Bubble Bars
Bath Mineral Salts
Tub Tea Baths
Facial Steams
Face Serums
Soap Making

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04.24.21 - Cold Process Soap Making - Beginners
April 24th, 2021 @ 10 a.m.

This is a beginners soap class - no previous experience needed.
We will be teaching the Cold Process method of soap making. This particular method we call the Room Temperature Method, as we do not use any external heat sources to make the soap. We let the reaction of sodium hydroxide and natural oils to heat and cause soaponification. Check out previous classes on our Facebook page.